10 Diseases That Can Be Cured By Making Love Everyday!

Did you know that getting intimate can also help you treat some illness? Here you can read about diseases which can be treated by making love. Practicing it often has lots of benefits for your physical and mental health– it will boost your circulation and strengthen your immune system besides improving the way your body works. Continue reading below to discover what illness can be treated by making love to your partner.
1. Strengthens the heart

By having regular sex, you will strengthen your heart muscle and reduce the danger of several heart diseases.

2. Treats headaches
Practicing sex is highly effective against headaches. When you’re having intercourse, your body releases oxytocin and the production of endorphins is increased as well, which considerably relaxes your muscles and alleviates the pain.

3. An effective antidepressant
The intercourse can improve your self-confidence and is considered a natural antidepressant.

4. Treats Insomnia
Sex relaxes your body and helps you sleep better, successfully relieving insomnia.

5. Treats urinary incontinence
Having Intercourse regularly will battle urinary incontinence by strengthening the hips and preventing leakage.

6. Treats the flu
Believe it or not, sex is a natural remedy against the flu. During the act, the body releases antibodies which can fight any sort of virus that’s attacking your immune system.

7. Relieves muscle overload
Having regular intercourse can efficiently deal with muscle and joint overload.

8. Shiny skin
Having intercourse frequently will make your skin glowing and perfect.

9. Decreases the risk of prostate cancer
Practicing sex often is fantastic for men as it lowers the risk of prostate cancer. By practicing it often, sex can prevent the appearance of tumors in the prostate, which may result in prostate cancer.

10. Breast cancer
Besides prostate cancer, sex can also safeguard you from breast cancer. Even a simple thing like stimulating the nipples during foreplay can release oxytocin which can protect you from this kind of cancer.


source: http://daily-curiosity.info

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