25 Amazing Uses Of Vinegar

Vinegar is a liquid produced from the fermentation of ethanol in a process that yields its key ingredient, acetic acid. Ninety percent of American Households buy vinegar. The 4 major uses that most people are aware of are for salads, as cooking ingredients, pickling and home canning.


However everyone should know about the astonishing usefulness of vinegar other than for the 4 things mentioned above. I’ve put together 25 other things that you can do with vinegar. I’d personally suggest using either a high quality white vinegar or an apple cider vinegar when trying the below methods. The difference is that white vinegar is made from acetous fermentation of alcohol and apple cider vinegar is made from cider or apple must.

For ingestion or applying externally on your body, get the organic one with the ‘mother’. It’s unpasteurized and contains all the good bacteria your body needs. The BRAGG bottle is an example of a high quality apple cider vinegar.

For Machines & Appliances

1. Clear mineral deposits from a steam iron.

Fill the water tank with white vinegar. Turn the iron to the steam setting and steam-iron a soft utility rag to clean the steam ports. Repeat the process with water, then thoroughly rinse out the inside of your iron.

2. Clean lime deposits and calcium sludge from an automatic drip coffee maker.

Once a month fill the reservoir with white vinegar and run through the brew cycle. Rinse thoroughly with two cycles of cold water.

3. Clean the hoses and unclog soap scum from a washing machine.

Once a month pour one cup of white vinegar into the washing machine and run the machine through a normal cycle, without clothes.

4. Keep a garbage disposal clean and smelling fresh.

Mix one cup of vinegar in enough water to fill an ice cube tray, freeze the mixture, grind the cubes through the disposal, and flush with cold water.

For The Kitchen

5. Remove stubborn coffee stained cups and pots.

Fill the cup with vinegar overnight, then rinse with hot soapy water.

6. Prevents misty spots on glassware.

Place a cup of white vinegar on the bottom rack of the dishwasher, run for five minutes, then run though the full cycle. A cup of white vinegar run through the entire cycle once a month will also reduce soap scum on the inner workings.

7. Eliminate unpleasant cooking odors in the kitchen.

Boil one tablespoon of white vinegar with one cup of water.

For Diseases And Infections

8. Relief jellyfish stings

Dot the irritation with vinegar to relieve itching.

9. Relieve a sore throat.

Put two teaspoons of vinegar in your humidifier. Check out these other natural remedies for recovering from a sore throat.

10. Soothe sunburn pain.

Apply undiluted vinegar to the burn.

11. Cure an upset stomach.

Drink two teaspoons apple cider vinegar in one cup water to soothe an upset stomach.

12. Dissolve warts.

Mix one part apple cider vinegar to one part glycerin into a lotion and apply daily to warts until they dissolve.

13. Relieve a cold.

Mix one-quarter cup apple cider vinegar with one-quarter cup honey. Take one tablespoon six to eight times daily.

14. Relieve arthritis.

Before each meal, drink a glass of water containing two teaspoons apple cider vinegar. Give this folk remedy at least three weeks to start working.

15. Relieve a cough.

Mix one-half cup apple cider vinegar, one-half cup water, one teaspoon cayenne pepper, and four teaspoons honey. Take one tablespoon when cough acts up. Take another tablespoon at bedtime.

16. Dandruff treatment.

Simply pour a few tablespoons of vinegar on your hair and massage into your scalp. Wait a few minutes, then rinse and wash hair like normal. Try this for a few days until you see results. It restores chemical balance to the skin.

17. Acne remedy.

Remedy for acne skin conditions when diluted 50:50 with water and used as a toner. Careful around the eyes.

Maintaining Health

18. Flake off old skin cells.

If you can take it, put a cotton bud or cotton square with appe cider vinegar and dab all over your face. It’s safer and so much cheaper than any store-bought ‘alpha hydroxy’ products.

19. Neutralizing hot spice.

When you eat something too spicy hot (habenero, jalepeno, wasabi) you can quickly get rid of the burn by dabbing your tounge with vinegar.

20. Take care of body odors.

Use vinegar when soap won’t knock down the body odor in your arm pits. And any other area you feel requires attention.

21. Dry skin repair & Skin Softener.

Add one-half cup of vinegar or so to warm bath water when bathing and get double benefits; softer skin and a cleaner bathtub with less work. Smooth a little vinegar on cracked, dried skin to help it heal.

22. Clean dentures.

Soak dentures overnight in vinegar, then brush away tartar with a toothbrush.

23. Weight loss.

One thing that science has shown is that apple cider vinegar might help to balance blood sugar. Insulin responses have been shown to create excess belly fat. Therefore, if insulin and blood sugar are controlled, a person might lose weight. Fat might in fact be as much a matter of hormones (insulin) than lack of activity. Of course, more than likely they go hand in hand.

24. Cure the hiccups.

Mix one teaspoon apple cider vinegar in one cup of warm water, and drink.

25. Condition dry hair.

Shampoo, then rinse hair with a mixture of one cup apple cider vinegar and two cups water. Vinegar adds highlights to brunette hair, restores the acid mantel, and removes soap film and sebum oil.

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