To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of our existence. Though it is costly and often involves risk, people gamble for its sake.

Women loved to be affirmed by the man they loved. They always wanted to have the affection they expected to received. They are predictable because what they like and what they feel is visibly expressed in their actions, especially when they are in love.

Boys really know the trade in persuading a girl and that’s their trademark. If you want to know if your man loves you sincerely, here are the 30 lists of actions that will tell you to determine if he genuinely loves you or not.

1. He messages you every morning. It shows that you are his first thought.
2. He says “I Love You” whether in public, private, with friends or just the both of you. It shows that he is not shy to tell the whole world he loves you.
3. He loves to accompany you in all events and he loves to be at your side.
4. Having more selfies with you as he can and post it on social media.
5. He is there if you are sick and take care of your needs.
6. He is more than willing to carry all your bags after shopping.
7. He loves all the food you cook and prepare for you. Even those untasty and slightly burnt.
8. He loves to surprise you with goodies, flowers, and gifts even with no reason.
9. He plans for your birthday.
10. He dances with you even if he has two left feet.
11. He willingly covers you his jacket in a chilly night without telling him.
12. He wears all the clothes you bought for him including the weird ones.
13. She doesn’t look at other girls because he is busy looking at you.
14. Clean all your mess if he sees you are tired.
15. He doesn’t mind buying pads for you in the grocery!
16. He canceled all his plans for the day just to know if you are ok or if there’s an emergency.
17. He joins your family dinner though he doesn’t like it.
18. He loves to cook and prepare you a food especially if you’re tired.
19. He will let you puke though he reminds you not to drink too much.
20. He willing joins you in watching TV though he doesn’t like what you are watching.
21. He always serves you first on all occasions and gives you his sliced cake.
22. He is there for you, cuddling with you in bed if you have menstrual cramps and pains.
23. He apologizes first whenever you have a fight and choose to listen if you are still talking.
24. He is your travel buddy! he loves to be with your on your dream travel.
25. he knows you favorite deodorant and perfume and bought it when he shopping alone.
26. He is not annoyed when you are snoring and finds it funny though.
27. He talks about spending his future with you and can’t imagine life without you.
28. He always listens to you whether to your complaints, problems, insecurities and doesn’t interrupt you.
29. He doesn’t mind having the small space in the bed.
30. He is protective of you all the time.


source: http://daily-curiosity.info

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