50 Beautiful Things You Can Do With Vaseline In 5 Minutes

This simple ingredient has multiple beneficial uses. You can apply it on your skin, hair, or nails and make them perfectly beautiful.


How to use it on your hair?

  • Apply Vaseline to your hair and scalp to prevent dandruff and protect it from cold weather, dryness and split ends.

How to use it on your skin?

  • Put some Vaseline on your skin before applying the perfume in order to last longer.
  • Combine Vaseline with sea salt to make a body scrub.
  • A simple massage with Vaseline can soften the skin on your elbows, feet, knees and cuticles.
  • Mix Vaseline with a small amount of Cool-aid powder too make your own shaded and flavored lip gloss.
  • You can make your makeup shinier and long-lasting by applying the gel on your eyebrows before you put on makeup.
  • It can soften your eyelashes and make them look longer when you apply the mascara.
  • It acts as a perfect makeup remover and skin moisturizer since it does not clog the pores and removes the dirt from the skin completely.

Other uses:

  • It can help you easily remove a ring that is stuck on your finger.
  • You can make your shoes look brand new by simply cleaning them with a cloth and Vaseline.
  • Vaseline can help you put on your favorite earrings. Simply apply some of the gel on the earlobe and the problem will be gone.

Source: awesomema.com

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