6 Easy Ways to Keep Your Vagina Healthy and Young (Most Important is #5)

Keeping your private parts clean is very important for your health. In today’s article we will show you 6 simple tips that will help you.

As age passes the skin changes and it needs some extra care to keep it in a good condition. With the process of aging also lady parts will inevitably go throughout the same process. There are so many product for face care, but not so much for the intimate parts.

“Gynecologist don’’t tell women these things are going to happen, and then women come in shocked that their vagina and vulva have completely changed over the course of a couple years,” says Karen Boyle, M.D. an expert in female sexual health and vaginal rejuvenation.

When there is a problem of this matter, many women are shy to share it with someone, sometimes even consulting a doctor for this kind can make them feeling uncomfortable and shy.

Preserving this important intimate ecosystem for a healthy vagina, here are 6 very useful tips:

1. Be Wary when Washing.

Vaginal odor can be very uncomfortable problem, so wash your vagina as often as possible.

To prevent this kind of problem, wash your vagina at least twice a day with unscented soap and make sure you are very gentle. In this process pay special attention of the pubic hair because it can retain sweat and dirt which in turn can create unpleasant odor.

You should always wash your buttock last so that no dirty matter goes inside vagina.

You have to be careful when you’re washing, because if a soap foam goes inside vagina canal it can trigger unwanted side effects.

2. Give Your Vagina a Regular Haircut or Shave.

There is less chances of infections and odor when the vaginal hair is shorter.

3. Let Your Vagina Breathe with the Right Lingerie.

Cotton underwear is preferably to nylon and other airless fabric. The reason you need the right lingerie is because this way you allow air to circulate around your vagina and by this there are less chances for bacterial invasion.

4. Change Your Underwear Regularly.

Never wear an underwear for more than one day. The process of vaginal secretions makes it totally unhealthy if the underwear are not changed and the bacteria can multiply. During menstruation you should be extra careful with this rule.

5. Go to Your Gynecologist.

Even when a female haven’’t got any problems of this kind, it is important to visit gynecologist for general information on vaginal health.

Once you are sexually active or 21 or older, you should be heading in for a Pap smear every two or three years to check for infections, abnormalities and cervical cancer.

Get medical help once you notice an infection. Once you notice an itch, strange coloration of vaginal (menstrual) emissions, noticeable signs of infections say foul odor, rashes or boils, see your gynecologist.

6. Make Your Vagina Taste Sweet with the Right Food.

It scientifically proven that the taste of the vaginal juices depends on what that person had consumed. The best food you can chose are those who are high in natural sugar— oranges, apples, mangoes etc. They have a positive effect on vaginal taste. On the other hand, avoid fruits and vegetables that give bad breath like onions, garlic.

Same goes for alcohol, coffee and spicy food.

BONUS TIP:  Use baby wipes instead of the usual tissue paper after a visit to the toilet!

Source: http://www.baby-kids-parents.com/

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