7 fruit trees that can grow at home

The lack of space is no excuse for not having a wonderful garden, you can create an oasis of relaxation in your home by cultivating fruit trees that grow without problems in urban areas. The important thing is to have the necessary time to dedicate it to your plant.

We will present a list of common fruit trees at home


The soluble fiber contained in the apple makes that with consuming one a day your digestion problems disappear. In addition, they are one of the most delicious and desired fruits in the world market. Imagine having apples grown for you. Apples planted at home are juicier and taste better, you just have to remember that they prefer cool weather and need special care to be able to bear fruit.


Growing a pomegranate plant in a pot is not difficult, its roots are quite adaptable and also shallow, which makes them one of the best options to be sown in the home. A bonsai of pomegranates can even produce developed fruits. The fruit of the pomegranate is ideal for the skin and oral health, therefore, it has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiaging properties superior to those of other fruits.

Cherry trees

The cherry trees are small and can give the touch of grace, and a beautiful view of a bare balcony. The flowers and the fruit of this plant make it the perfect adornment to look in a well-ventilated house. For its care, it is necessary to protect fruit trees against insects and birds, the smell, taste, and color of cherry fruits make it irresistible to the eyes of some species. Also, it is necessary to watch that it has enough water and light.


Growing a plum in a pot is simple, its ideal time to be sown in spring. The structure of the tree makes it be categorized as ornamental, especially at the time when it bears fruit. The first years of the cherry tree are important, the manager of the plant must give special care so that the stem grows tall and strong. It needs to be protected from wind and excess water.


To grow a fig tree the first thing to do is to properly arrange the root in a properly large container, it must have enough space to be able to develop in the best way. For the fruit to be juicy you have to give enough water to the plant and let it enjoy the sunlight, at low temperatures the roots should be treated with more care than usual.


The simplest fruit trees to grow are citrus fruits, they love sunlight and keeping them easy, they only need to be protected from strong winds, they must stay hydrated and enjoy a fertile soil. In this way, they will grow as resistant trees in any container.


Strawberries grown in pots are the most common, they do not need a huge container, rather the plant is very small. Their needs are basic, requires water, light and extract enough nutrients from the soil. For fruit trees, you should only extract their seeds, wash them, dry them and sow them in a pot with good soil, located in a place where they receive enough light and water to develop and give juicy fruits.

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