8 Morning Tricks That Will Make Your Body More Effective!

Forget the Tiredness in the Mornings – Follow These 8 Steps to Catch the Day!

Have you ever wake up in the morning more tired than before you went to sleep? Some bad habits can be reason of this morning languor and droopiness. Good start of the day can open a box full of energy, achievements and pleasure just for you. Isn’t this tempting?
So what we are waiting for? Let’s read these 8 simple rules that must become our morning routine!


1. Wake Up on First Alarm

If you find strength to stand up from you bed on first ringing of your alarm, you will notice that you are more awake and fresher than if you choose to have a couple of snoozes before standing up! Falling asleep several times in the morning means several broken dreams and that’s for using the snooze alarm can cause weariness even anger.

2. Let Smile Cares for You!

Is there something more beautiful than smiled face? Put a smile on your face and let it to keep you positive all day. Entertain your family members with huge smile and have together wonderful start!
Put a Big Smile On Your Face

3. Water or Lemon Water Can Give Health To Your Body and Hair

Hydration in morning has a great healthy meaning. Drink a glass of water to supply your body with the most important fluid and life instigator. Or you can take a better choice – a glass of lukewarm water with lemon.
Lemon Water

4. Replace Your Coffee with Green Tea

Better solution in the mornings is to drink a cup of green tea than cup of coffee. The tea will help you in elimination of toxins and will approve your body circulation. Delay your coffee for later.

Tea Instead of Coffee

5. Have a Breakfast

Even you are not feeling hungry try to eat one fruit.  We recommend banana but every other fruit that you will eat will supply your body with all necessary nutritive. With breakfast you are providing to your body system properly work and it helps also at improving the work of your immunity mechanisms.
Banana Breakfast

6. Meditation in 5 Minutes

Meditation will help you to stay calm and focus during your work-day and it will help your body easier awaking.

7. Stretch Your Body

If you have no time for exercising, light stretching will be enough to tonic your muscles and turn up your heart and body.
Stretch Your Body

8. Have a Morning Bath

Yes, water makes miracles all the time, but we are not aware of them. Our body contains over 70% water and at some way it is a live substance. Deeply, our connections with this source of life are bigger than we can imagine. Having showered in mornings can eliminate all aggregated stresses and can improve your fertility.
Morning Bath
What to say else? It is up to you to apply these rules in your everyday’s life and to feel the difference before and after practicing them!


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