8 Vegetables You Buy Once And Regrow Forever! How To Grow Them Full

We all use in our diet many of these vegetables, and instead of buying them we can grow them by ourselves.

8 Vegetables That You Buy Once Then Regrow Forever

They can be grown indoors, it’s much more beneficial and we will save more money than we know.
It is very simple, you should only use fresh scraps and try not to utilize stuff that has been composting for a long time. These plants need enough water and light in order to grow naturally.

  1. Basil

For growing basil you will need cuts from old basil. In a glass of water, put basil strimmings with stems of 3-4 inches and expose them to direct sunlight.  Plant the roots into pots only when they become 2 inches long and after a while they’ll grow into full basil plants. They shouldn’t get slimy so change the water regularly.

  1. Garlic

You will need a garlic clove in order to re-grow garlic. This re-grown garlic can be used in salads, meals and in pasta because of its easygoing flavor. Place them in a glass of water after they begun to sprout.

  1. Cilantro

Take stems from cilantro and place them in a glass of water where they can grow. Once the roots are long enough, take a pot with soil and transplent them. The plants will grow in a couple of months, but remember to put them in a room with sufficient light.

  1. Carrots

Carrot tops will help you to re-grow carrots, you just need to put them in a dish with a little water and place it in a good lighted room. Carrot greens can be used in salads, but because they have a slightly bitter taste, you can chop them together with garlic and sweetened them with some vinegar.

  1. Scallions

Put their discarded roots in a glass of water and leave an inch of the scallion attached to the root. Help them to grow by placing them in a room with sufficient light.

  1. Celery

In order to grow celery, you will need its leftovers. Cut the base off and put it in a saucer or shallow dish. Expose it directly to sunlight and soon the leaves will thicken and develop in the middle of the base. After three days, plant it in soil.

  1. BokChoy

In a dish with water, put the Bok Choy’s roots and leave them for 1-2 weeks in a good lighted place. After this period of time, transplent them in a pot with soil. New full head will grow very quickly.

  1. Romaine lettuce

Take the base from a lettuce head and put its stumps in a ½ inch water. After a couple of days, transplent it into soil and its leaves and roots will show up soon. You can use this method for cabbages as well.

Source: healthherbs365.com

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