How To Avoid Pregnancy Without Using Condoms – 5 Easy Ways!

Today unwanted and unexpected pregnancies are a common topic all around the world. And we all know what it’s the reason for that – most of the people do not practice safe sex. By safe sex it is meant using condoms.

You should have sex without condom when you have a partner for a longer period of time. And yes you can avoid ending up being pregnant even without using a condom. Having a partner for a longer period of time does not mean that you are ready to have children, right? And in this article you will see how.

1. What can be really effective in avoiding unwanted pregnancy are the birth control pills. These kinds of pills will control the fertility of the woman but before you use these pills, consult with a doctor.

2. Another thing you can try is pulling the penis out of the vagina before ejaculation. Just remember that this is not 100% sure, so try not to use it very often.

3. Another great method for fertility prevention is the effective copper T. This is very effective method and if you decide with going with this method then the doctor will place an implant device in the area around the uterus. And when the both partners are ready to have children, this device can be removed. There are no side-effects.

4. You can also try with having sex when it is ‘safe week’. By ‘safe week’ it is meant the time between the 8thday of the 20th day of woman’s cycle. To be more specific, the first day of her period you can have it.

5. The last method that you can try to avoid unwanted pregnancy is sterilization. But this should be used only by people that are 100% sure that they do not want to have children ever in their life. That is why this method is not recommended – because someone might change his/hers mind about having a children later in life, but then it will be too late.


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