Baking Soda Removes Fat From The Belly, Arms, Thighs and Back. Only If You Prepare It This Way

Do you want to lose weight fat naturally and easily? Are you tired of following diet plans that involve additional suffering? Well, then what you have to do is incorporate baking soda into your daily diet to get your benefits and get to lose those extra pounds that upset you so much.

Sodium bicarbonate, a crystalline solid compound that is soluble in water, is very effective for weight loss because it acts as an acid neutralizer for fattening foods thanks to its alkaline function. This article will teach you how to incorporate baking soda to lose weight.

On the internet we can get thousands of recipes that claim to be miraculous and help us lose weight, but we must clarify something with respect to this, and is that these preparations alone can not achieve their function.

That is why we should know that these treatments should be used as supplements in our routine. In this way we can get good results faster and easier, which is beneficial in many cases.


In the market we can get treatments that also ensure fat burning, but these most cases are misleading, as it really only deals with misleading advertising.

That is why it is best that we use a home method, thus saving money and the effect is better and healthier. Two methods to reduce with bicarbonate are the following:

Baking soda, lemon and parsley:


-3 lemons
-2 bunches of parsley
-2 liters of water
-baking soda


Wash the lemons and picalos, boil water, chop the parsley, add the lemons to the boiled water, add the parsley, remove from the heat, add two tablespoons of baking soda and cover the mixture.

Refrigerate in a glass container and go. Drink a glass of this drink daily, preferably on an empty stomach.

Apple cider vinegar and bicarbonate


-½ teaspoon of baking soda
-2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
-1 glass of water


Mix baking soda and vinegar in a glass of water. Drink this mixture every morning on an empty stomach, that is, on an empty stomach.

Follow one of these two recipes to the letter and you will be able to eliminate all the fat of your body in a very short time.

Remember to supplement this with diet and regular exercise, so the results will be better.

Precautions with taking baking soda

Although baking soda is a common element of the home and an old home remedy for indigestion, it is not risk free. Excessive consumption of baking soda or consuming it too close to a heavy and bulky meal has resulted in stomach problems due to the plethora of carbon dioxide released in an already full stomach. Although these cases are rare and probably due to an underlying condition, the possibility of such a complication exists.

Sodium bicarbonate also contains significant amounts of sodium, which could compromise the health of people with kidney or heart problems. Consuming too much sodium for too long can also cause problems of high blood pressure, kidney and heart in healthy people. Sodium bicarbonate can interfere with many medicines, including aspirin, certain antibiotics, and some diabetes medications, so do not take it without first getting your doctor’s approval.


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