What is the best position to empty our bowel and why?

The seated position on the toilet has, only added and insult to an injury. The colon in most people is in very poor state, due to improper eating habits, stress, lack of proper movement, toxins, etc. The body is already finding it difficult to eliminate all the toxic matter, which goes inside of us, and sitting on the toilet makes things even worse. The end result is countless health issues and overall, deteriorating health.Look at the pictures to understand why sitting, while trying to empty your bowel works against you and prevents you from fully emptying your bowel. This ultimately leads to auto-intoxication.

Best way to poop is in a full, relaxed squat position with your hips and knees fully flexed. When having healthy digestive system, fully active core muscles and functional hips, that is easy and feels like the right thing to do. It is one of the most relaxing positions you can get yourself into, while on your feet.

You will find it very difficult or impossible to go into a full squat if you have issues with your digestive system, core muscles, hips or knees.

When in a full, relaxed squat position your right thigh is compressing the ascending colon, the left one is compressing the descending colon. I have discovered that, adding a deep diaphragmatic breathing while in this position makes elimination even more effective. The position and your breathing are the two, main factors to ensure you get a complete elimination. Adding a little deep abdominal activation is acceptable and helps but too much would indicate that you have issues with your digestive system. This way you would encourage full elimination, helping the natural function of your colon.

Your feet and knees would be hip to shoulder width apart and your feet and knees, turned out 10-15 degrees. This will allow for a proper hip joint centration and your torso will fall, between your thighs.

I find ‘Step And Go’ an excellent device to use, very well balanced and of sturdy built. It allows you to go into a full squat and thus, relaxing the puborectal muscle and straightening the rectum.

Of course, proper (individualised) nutritional habits, hydration, movement and stress management are all a must for colon and overall health.

Gricha Venkov

Health & Exercise Coach


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