The Boy Died an Hour after Bathing. All Parents Should See This

A day at the swimming pool is indeed a joyful experience. But at the same time it is trying too. You almost feel sleepy and exhausted after a lot of swimming activity. This more relevant to the kids which are active all the day gets exhausted at the end of it.

The incident took place with Cassandra Jackson son happened after spending a whole day at the pool. Johnny, son of Cassandra Jackson was 10 years old, who was an active child. He spent a day at a pool and his mother never expected what happened next to him.

After a tiring swimming section, the sudden foam was coming out of Johnny’s mouth and he experienced breathing problem. Parents took him to ER immediately. The doctors stated it all happened due to “Secondary Drowning”. It was a condition occurred due to swallowed water and can take place within 72 hours.

The secondary drowning is a rare phonomemon but can be fatal if you ignore the warning symptoms. The inhale of a small gush of water from the pool, ocean or lake can lead to lungs irritation followed by internal swelling. A very small amount of water is enough to hinder the oxygen providing the ability of the lungs.

So, during swimming if your child has swallowed too much of water then keep a close watch on the symptoms of secondary drowning which can take place in 72 hours.

Keep you eye out for:

  • Squatness of breath after bathing
  • Overload fatigue after bathing
  • Irritability or mood swings without proper reason.

Take care of your child by being careful about the secondary drowning symptoms.


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