Cabbage: One Of The Best Foods To Eat To Heal Stomach Ulcer, Detoxify Liver And Stop Inflammation

Cabbage is a very low-calorie vegetable which can offer you many health benefits. It has healing properties that some cultures have known about them for years. So, today, we have decided to present you the benefits of the cabbage.

It is, in fact, a very powerful anti-inflammatory food which can help the colon and bone health. It has been proven that if you eat if raw, it will be a very effective remedy for stomach ulcer and a lot of digestive problems.

Health Benefits of Cabbage

1. Health Peptic Ulcer

If you make a green juice out of one cabbage, 6 celery ribs, 2 green apples, half a lemon and 1-inch ginger root it will be very useful in healing peptic ulcer.

2. Stomach and Colon Detox

Consuming cabbage that is raw can detoxify both the stomach and colon. It will aid in relieving inflammation of the intestine and in reducing diarrhea. If you want to obtain all the benefits of this recipe, you have to drink a couple of glasses of cabbage juice during the day. This juice has done wonders for peptic ulcer. For best results use green cabbage.

3. Blood-Building

People that suffer from anemia should drink one glass of raw cabbage juice a day. It is full of blood-building properties and chlorophyll, which are very useful for improving blood quality in anemic people.

4. Weight Loss

This vegetable has diuretic and detoxifying properties which make it the perfect choice for improving the regularity of healthy weight loss.

5. Liver Detox

Cabbage is the best for liver cleansing. If you want to get rid of a hangover, all you have to do is have a glass of fresh cabbage juice. Thus, the anti-inflammatory properties will diminish the effects of dehydration and headache caused by intoxicated liver.

Moreover, cabbage is also useful to put on swollen glands or cuticles, or even on engorged breasts that have been engorged by breastfeeding. All you have to do is wash a couple of cabbage leaves, roll them flat and use a glass bottle, heat them and apply on the affected area. Let it work for two hours and repeat when you need it.

Consumption Tips

The best way to obtain all the best benefits of the cabbage is if you use it in juice form. Nevertheless, you can enjoy it however you like it best.

The most recommended cabbage is savoy cabbage. It is perfect to fight cancer. This cabbage is full of sinigrin, which is a glucosinolate which gained attention due to its preventative properties against bladder, prostate and colon cancers.


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