In Canada A Gallon Of Milk Comes In A Bag, Never A Plastic Jug Or Carton

Canadians buy their milk in a bag, not a plastic carton. The milk carton was an American invention that replaced glass milk bottles because they were easier to transport and were lighter in weight. Jon Var Wormer of Toledo, OH patented his plastic carton in 1915. About 70 percent of milk jugs end up in landfills according to The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

A milk bag is not only environmentally friendly, but it takes up less space and is easy to use. The United Kingdom is using milk bags too. Sainsbury, a popular grocery store chain, started using milk bags because they use much less plastic than regular jugs (about 75% less plastic). Milk bags also use less energy and fewer resources to make. In the video, you will see the bags and the container that is used to support the opened bags.

Take a look at this video

Very informative, other countries need to move away from the plastic jugs and use milk bags too! Share away, people.



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