Coconut oil and Baking soda For a Complete Face Cleaning Like You Never Had Before

Skincare and Face Cleaning is currently a priority for many women. The face is the first thing we notice when we look at someone and keeping him careful says a lot about anyone.

When we do not treat our skin properly, the various factors such as climate change, sun exposure and dirt from the environment greatly influence our face.

In addition, if we do not maintain the skin with enough nutrient and properties, this forms wrinkles and signs of premature aging.

In general, women apply a series of skin treatments daily in order to achieve the necessary care.

However, these few times they really know what compounds they apply, in what way they benefit the skin. Commercial products have many chemicals that are usually best avoided.

The solution is to perform a natural treatment, capable of revitalizing your skin in a very short time, with the ability to nourish and provide natural benefits without problems of having an unexpected side effect.

It is made with products that you probably already own at home and does not require more work. Here you will learn to elaborate it.

With only 2 ingredients quickly recover the vitality of your skin and make it look beautiful.

The recipe we are talking about is nothing more than a deep cleansing mask, made of 2 simple products: sodium bicarbonate and coconut oil.

This preparation is free of dangerous chemical compounds and works effectively with any type of skin, including smooth skin, without negative reactions.

The preparation of this mixture serves to treat scars, acne, redness, dirt, fat, dead skin and reduce wrinkles.

The bicarbonate is applied to restore an adequate level of pH, in addition, to accelerate healing, while coconut oil has moisturizing and antibacterial properties.

When you combine you have a safe and excellent treatment, it is even good to know that extra virgin coconut oil gives more positive results. For your application, you need to consider your skin type.

For sensitive skin, you apply a ratio of oil and bicarbonate to 2: 1 respectively, while for a deep exfoliating treatment, simply use the 1: 1 ratio.

Its preparation consists of mixing both ingredients well if necessary use some hot water. Apply on the skin by performing deep massages in the area, leave a couple of minutes and then make sure to wash well with warm water.

This recipe cannot be much simpler, we hope it will be useful for you and do not stop sharing on your social networks.

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