It Destroys Cholesterol And Burns Fat: This Drink Is Stronger Than Cure, It Is Recommended Even From The Doctors

This drink will reduce cholesterol and will burn fat for a short period of time. Even doctors have begun to recommend this drink to their patients who have problems with cholesterol because its effect is great.

All the ingredients in the drink are very healthy and help the body to fight a number of diseases and combined together represent an excellent tool for destruction of cholesterol and fat.


2 liters of filtered water
3 stalks of parsley
3 lemons
baking soda

Use baking soda to clean the lemons. Boil the water, and then leave it to cool.

Next, slice the lemons and chop the parsley, and then add them to the water. Cover and store the liquid in the fridge. After a day, stir well and put the liquid in a glass bottle.

Drink this juice in the morning on an empty stomach only for 5 days, and then make a break of 10 days.

It helps in burning calories and in the same time nourishes the body with vitamins and minerals. Moreover, parsley improves digestion and throws out the excess fluids from the body.


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