Drink This Homemade Remedy Daily to Get Rid of Back Pain and Sciatica!


Sciatica is a type of pain experienced in the lower part of your leg, buttocks, and back, buttocks. It is triggered by an irritated or pinched sciatic nerve, i.e., the thickest and largest nerve in your body.

Although sciatica cannot be medically diagnosed, it is actually among the most common types of back pain today. Apart from experiencing the debilitating pain, sciatica patients can also experience numbness and tingling in one or both legs.

If you are not sure if your symptoms suggest sciatica, continue reading to learn the most common symptoms of this back problem.

The Most Common Symptoms of Sciatica Include:
  • Pain, which starts in your lower back or one side of your hip, and travels through your buttocks and down your leg
  • Tingling sensation in your leg
  • Constant pain in your buttock
  • Numbness, weakness, or difficulty moving your leg or foot
  • Difficulty standing and moving triggered by stabbing pain sensation
  • Prolonged periods of sitting make the pain worse

Most sciatica sufferers take pharmaceutical pain killers in order to alleviate their sciatic pain. But, these medications provide only temporary relief. When it comes to alleviating sciatica, many experts suggest getting exercise and doing some simple yoga stretches because they are very effective at treating this back problem. Also, some experts suggest using massage therapy or acupuncture for sciatica relief.

However, here is how to make a homemade remedy that can help you alleviate sciatic nerve pain very effectively.

A Homemade Remedy that Offers Almost Instant Back Pain and Sciatica Relief

Needed Ingredients:

  • 200 ml. of grass-fed, organic milk
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • Some raw, organic honey to taste


Start by crushing the garlic cloves and then put them is a small pot. Next, you should cook it on low heat. While cooking the garlic, add the milk. Cook it for a few minutes or until it starts boiling. Afterwards, remove it from the heat.

In case you find the taste of garlic too strong, simply add some raw, organic honey. This remedy can help alleviate sciatic pain very effectively.

How to Use It:

You can provide sciatica relief by taking the remedy once on a daily basis. In addition, the potent anti-inflammatory properties of garlic can help prevent and decrease the swelling of your sciatic nerve.

Note: Not only you should consume this natural remedy, but you should also do some specific stretches and exercises for maximum benefits. Simply do a few stretches for several minutes a day to get rid of the pain.

Source: dailyhealthkeeper.com

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