Drink Of The Month:This Juice Fights Almost All Allergies!

 Drink Of The Month:This Juice Fights Aginst All Alergies

Lately, allergies have become a common and unpleasant health condition. Allergies are actually reactions of the organism in people with weak immune system and thin i.e. damaged mucous membrane in both respiratory and digestive system.
Even though allergies cause headaches, you can make some small, but significant changes in the diet on your own

-2 oranges
-2 carrots
-1/2 cucumbers
-fresh ginger 1.5 cm
– 7-10 mint leaves

1. Peel and wash well the fruit.
2. Cut cucumbers and carrots in pieces, and separate oranges in quarters.
3. Place the ingredients in a juicer following this order, and add the mint leaves between the fruits and vegetables.
4. Store the drink in a fridge and drink it before having your meals.

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