She Was Drinking Carrot Juice Every Morning For 8 Months, And Then The Unthinkable Happened

A children’s book writer, Ann Cameron, has become even more popular as a colon cancer survivor.
In June 2012, when her cancer has reached third stage, she was operated.

This wasn’t her first encounter with this fatal disease. In 2005 her spouse died from lung cancer, even though he had received chemotherapy treatment.

Ann didn’t want to go the same way like her husband and refused chemotherapy.
Her story was written on the Chris beats cancer blog, where individuals give alternative steps for healing cancer.

I was exposed to operation for colon cancer in June 2012, and then I denied chemotherapy healing. I was feeling well, however after six months the cancer was spread to the lungs, and entered the fourth phase” – she said.

Ann said that she spend her time investigating thoroughly on alternative cancer treatments, when she came across the story of Ralph Core, a 26-year old with skin cancer. He wrote about how he cured his cancer by consuming 2.5 kilograms of carrot juice on a regular daily basis.

She started drinking carrot juice every day in the same daily doses.
After eight weeks the tests showed that her cancer had stopped spreading, and her tumors and lymph glands had begun to decrease.

Four months later, the tissues were back to normal and the tumor kept diminishing.
Eight months later, her CT scan results showed that the cancer was gone.

The answer is that carrot juice has powerful anticancer properties owing to its high carotenoid content. Drinking this juice increases the level of carotenoids in the blood, organic pigments, which inhibit the formation of tumor cells.

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