5 Easy Ways To Get Drinking Water From Mother Nature

How long can you survive without water?  The average person can survive for about 3 days–depending how active you are.  So if you ever find yourself in an environment with little to no water you’ll have a small window of opportunity to find something suitable to drink.

At some point, you might find yourself in a situation without drinking water.  When this happens, remember to be calm and think through your situation.  No worries! Really, don’t panic.

Just know that before you get too dehydrated or feel thirsty you’ll need to find some other ways to get clean water.

It’s also important to know that after a survival event you getting water should be a top priority if you don’t already have it stored and readily available.

But most importantly, you don’t have to resort to drinking your own pee at this time.  We have just they right water survival hacks for you too survive off of what mother nature provides.  The hacks you’ll see can be used in a wooded or forested type location.

Below is a video on 5 easy ways to find drinking water in Mother Nature.  Pay very close attention to # 2 & 5 these are especially good.  I had no idea you could find water here.

Did you enjoy the ease and simplicity of water solution #2 & #5, as much as me?  I was so excited about these two that I immediately tried these out for myself.  They both worked and I’ve since added these to my survival trick bag.

Can you think of any other ingenious was to get water?

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