Get Pregnant Fast With These Tips. Positions And Foods!

asfffsMany women in the world are trying really hard to stay pregnant, but sometimes they can’t. Here we have ten tips for you that will help you to easily get pregnant.

1. Nutrition and Diet – the reproductive system in the body will be ready for the pregnancy with a balanced diet. If you eat more alkaline foods, you will increase the chances of conceiving – peas, bean sprouts, and milk are amazing choices. Also, if you eat acidic foods, you will increase the acidity in your cervical mucus and it will kill the sperm, so you should avoid drinks like tea and foods like red meat.

2. Supplements – if you add some good multivitamin supplement in the diet, it will be great if you are attempting to conceive. Your supplement must contain the folic acid, because it prevents the neural tube defects, and when you are pregnant, you should continue to take it, because your baby needs to get the required nutrients.

3. Medical Check-Ups – you should get a check-up if you are trying to get pregnant, in order to detect any possible problem. Also, you should consult the doctor if you are taking some medication to ensure that they will not interfere with your pregnancy.

4. Regular Sex – the regular sex means many more chances of getting pregnant. If you have sex every day, you don’t need to track the evolution. Enjoy!

5. Right Positions – many people think that right positions can help you get pregnant. The missionary position can put the sperm closest to your cervix, so it increases the likelihood of fertilization.

6. Learn the cycle – timing is the best thing if you want to get pregnant. You have to keep track of the basal temperature in order to know when you are ovulating.

7. Make the trip much more easier – every vaginal area is unfriendly to sperm, so that is the reason why it is so difficult to conceive. So, make the area more sperm-friendly in order to increase the chances. Avoid sprays, douches, lubricants and scented tampons if you are trying to get pregnant.

8. Avoid smoking, caffeine, illegal drugs and alcohol – many studies claim that the caffeine affects the chances of getting pregnant, so you have to avoid foods and drinks rich in caffeine. Alcohol, smoking or drugs can harm the chances too, and also they can even increase the chances of some birth defects.

9. Maintain the weight and exercise – keep a healthy weight and exercise regularly if you want to burn fat and improve the fertility. The overweight women have much more higher levels of estrogen, and that can result in no ovulation or irregular ovulation, while the excessive weight loss and everyday hard workouts can cause hormonal imbalance and infertility.

10. Enjoy yourself – the more excited you are during making love, the less stress you will experience. The stress keeps the ovulation from happening and also it can mess with your cycles, making it really hard to predict the ovulation.

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