Get Smooth And Glowing Skin and Remove the Spots From Your Face With Lemon

Today we will present you an amazing technique that will help get glowing and soft skin in very short period of time. The only thing you should do is to follow the steps that we will present you below!

  1. Pure Lemon Juice

Squeeze some lemon and place the juice in a bowl. Soak a cotton ball in it and then apply it on the affected parts of the body. Let it act for a few minutes until the juice dries out totally. Use a clean towel in order to rinse the affected area. Perform this amazing technique two times a day.

  1. Slice of a Lemon Juice

Cut one organic lemon and then scrub your face in a smooth and careful way. Do the scrubbing for a few minutes and then wash your face with some warm water.

Combine some lemon juice, honey and flower, apply the resulting mixture on your entire face, let it act for a few minutes and wash it off!

  1. Lemon and Egg White Mask

Separate the white of the egg yolk. Make a mixture between the egg white and 2 tbsp of lemon juice. Divide the resulting mixture into 3 parts, apply the first layer on the mixture, let it act for a few minutes and then add the other one!

In the acne apply the last layer to the acne and finally clean your face with some warm water and dry towel!

Via healthy and natural life

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