Discover 10 Aromatic Herbs That You Can Grow In Water For A Whole Year!!

If you are one of the people who like aromatic herbs, but you do not have enough space at home to have flower pots or your own orchard, well here we will tell you some aromatic herbs that you can grow in water.

We will show you next 10 aromatic herbs that are possible to cultivate in water for a whole year very easily and simply.


1. Mint

Cultivating mint is very simple, this plant is used in natural remedies for its menthol content, all you have to do is dip a few branches to start growing roots.

2. Green mint

It is the same as mint, this green mint is also grown very easy in water and also contains the same properties as mint.

3. Oregano

If you have a fresh oregano boot in your kitchen is a wonderful option, just as it is very easy to grow it in water and you can perfectly complement your meals. All you have to do is dip the cuttings in water and since the plant has grown, you can cut the leaves you want.

4. Basil

This plant will help you much the heat of your kitchen, that will make it grow much faster and you have it there. You should cut the cuttings with buds so they do not pierce, then immerse them in water and place the plant in the area with the greatest light of your kitchen.

5. Salvia

We recommend you keep it in a cool place and have drafts, because this plant is very prone to mold. You will notice that in water it will grow very slowly, but it will be excellent to season your meals since very little is needed.

6. Stevia

If you like sweet this plant will become your best ally since you can add it to your tea, coffee, desserts, etc. Soak it in water and place it in a place with lots of light and warm.

7. Verbena, Lemon Balm or Luisa Grass

It is necessary to cut the stem and immerse it in water in a place with lots of light. This plant will take 4 weeks to take root. As it is prone to mold it is advisable to be changing the water regularly.

8. Tarragon

This plant we recommend to cultivate in spring, grows slowly and requires light and clean water always.

9. Thyme

You should cut only the stems that are growing and immerse them in water immediately you have cut them since as they are very thin they tend to dry very fast.

10. Romero

It is a very noble plant since it does not require any effort, being very resistant to deteriorate.

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