This Is What Happens In Your Body If You Eat A Stick Of Celery Every Day

The celery, consists of a herbaceous plant of European origin that contributes great component to the body of those who consume it.

It is essential to know their properties and use them to improve our quality of life or to avoid complications that may alter their normal functioning.

We mention below some of the main medicinal uses of celery. We are sure that after reading this article, you will implement it in your eating habits.

1. Consuming celery in both salads and tea, can contribute to reduce cholesterol and body weight due to the amount of significant non-soluble fiber it contains.

2. They are a main source of vitamin A, which will provide your body with healthy mucous membranes to achieve a smooth skin, improve the sense of sight and prevent cancer of the throat and mouth.

3. Celery, is a diuretic flat that helps control sugar levels and debug fat that the body does not need and detoxify.

4. It is important that lactating women implement celery in their meals, since it contains galactagogue properties that help the secretion of breast milk. They can be consumed in salads or as a tea.

Now, celery can be consumed by cutting it (leaves and stem) into small pieces and putting in green salads. It can also be ingested as tea by putting its leaves in a cup of boiling water. Let stand and drink.

You can also use celery in egg tortillas, chopping its stem and leaves into small pieces and stirring with the egg. It can be used in most of the soups that we prepare in the home, giving it a very pleasant flavor.

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