Health Officials Warn That Rare Tick-Borne Virus Worse Than Lyme Disease May Be Spreading

The start of May means many things for us: warmer weather is on the horizon, flowers are in full bloom, and school is almost out!

But for those of us who like to venture into wooded areas, it also means the beginning of tick season.

The pesky and potentially dangerous bugs are particularly active in the months of May and June, though tick season is known to last through September. These are the months when they’re the most prevalent, but health officials say that you can get a tick bite in any season.

Ticks are known to transmit Lyme disease, but now health officials are warning that a rare tick-borne illness worse than Lyme disease is on the rise. Powassan virus may be rarer, but is also more deadly and debilitating. In 60 percent of cases, the person with the virus dies or develops a permanent disability.

Experts warn that nobody is safe from contracting this virus, as the deer ticks that bite humans now carry it. They predict that the numbers of reported cases will surge in the coming years.

Scroll down to see how you can identify the symptoms of this terrifying virus.

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