Healthy Drink Recipe That Hide Many Benefits

Healthy Drink Recipe That Hide Many Benefits

Almost every day, on different mediums we are listening that the human body needs 2 litters water, daily. But, scientists found that if we enrich this natural resource -water with different kinds of herbs, this mix can help everyone that has weight problems.


-8 cups of water -1 lemon cut in slices
-1 cucumber – peeled and cut on slices -10 leaves of mint
-1 spoon of ginger (chopped)

Way of preparation:
1. Add 8 cups of water into a jug and put all other herbs
2. Leave the mix of the nature to stay overnight, for 12 hours.
3. You can consume this water drink the next day.
Nutritionists from all over the world advice, that we should drink this mix regularly and the flat stomach will be our sign of recognition.

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