How To Not Destroy Your Knees By The Time You Are 40

We are a society of people that love simple solutions – but then at same time we tend to over-complicate things when it comes to health care. Too many of us have come to accept age to be synonymous with pain and this is absolutely false. Knee pain is a product of improper movement which causes your joints to ‘grind’ and over time this will lead to major dysfunction.

I am not here to sell snake oil to rub on your knees and fix all your problems. The solution is much more honest and simple than that. We need to get our knees ‘tracking’ properly and then movement becomes therapeutic instead of degenerative.
I have created a 7 part ‘Self-Care for the Knees’ video series with detailed description and easy to follow steps to optimal knee health!
It all comes back to the holy grail of self-care exercises – the functional deep squat. This video will help prepare your legs for a functional and therapeutic squat which will get you moving progressively better every single day.
Be sure to check out the ‘Self-Care for the Knees’ series for more great information!
Ok, here’s the video:

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