The 65 Reasons To Always Have Hydrogen Peroxide At Home

Hydrogen peroxide – chemically represented as H2O2 – is one of the most common household disinfectants in the world. In fact, odds are pretty good that you have a bottle in your medicine cabinet or under your kitchen sink right now. People typically use hydrogen peroxide for sanitizing small cuts and as a whitener for delicate items, however there is much more to this little brown bottle than most of us realize.

Note: Pure hydrogen might explode when heated to boil point. This is why household items have it diluted with 3-5% of the active chemical.

Read on to discover 65 reasons why you need hydrogen peroxide in your home.

  1. Removal of viruses– experts say putting 3 drops of 3% hydrogen in the ears can reduce the flu and cold. Let this act for 10 min and drain it.
  2. Removal of pesticides– most veggies have pesticides and chemicals that must never be eaten. To remove these, add ½ cup hydrogen to bowl of water and soak the veggies for 30 min. then rinse it and refrigerate.
  3. Remove airborne germs– mix 3% hydrogen and gallon of water, add this in humidifier. Let this use up all the way. It will disinfect and remove bacteria in the air.
  4. Whiten the teeth- this item is in many whitening items and oxygenates the surface of the area or teeth. Brush with toothpaste first and then mix 2 tsp water and 1 tsp 3% hydrogen in the mouth. Then rinse the mouth and repeat this 3 times weekly.
  5. Bleach toe nails and fingers– after we remove the polish, the nails might look stained. To bleach them, dip them in bowl of 3% hydrogen for 5 min. do this for a few days.
  6. Bleach hair– hydrogen peroxide is safer than regular bleach for the hair.
  7. Hair highlights– for sun bleached hair, spray hydrogen on damp hair and after 15 min rinse it.
  8. Detox and rejuvenate– for this, soak a bath with hydrogen or add 35% hydrogen in a full tub water and soak for 30 min.
  9. Remove stuffiness in sinuses– to unclog them, make DIY nasal solution with cup water and cup hydrogen. Make more if you need more.
  10. Stop tooth pain– oil pulling is one way for this with coconut oil too. It is antibacterial and kills every germ.
  11. Disinfecting wounds– hydrogen cleans small wounds. Use a bit 3% hydrogen on the cuts and wounds.
  12. Antiseptic mouth rinse– mix 1 cup water and 2 cups hydrogen as mouthwash for removal of bacteria and bad breath.
  13. Removal of acne– mix 2 tbsp hydrogen 3% and 2 tbsp ACV for face rinse. Dip cotton in this and apply on the area. Never use the same pad for the whole face to prevent more bacteria.
  14. Remove boils– add cup 35% hydrogen in a tub and soak to detox and remove the boils.
  15. Soften corns and calluses– soak the calluses in mix of same parts ACV and hydrogen.
  16. Remove ear wax– put 2 drops hydrogen in the ears and a bit olive oil. Wait a few minutes and let it drain.
  17. Stop swimmer’s ear– this can hurt a lot. To prevent this, apply mix of ACV and hydrogen after swimming.
  18. Relieve ear infections– to relieve these signs and remove infection, put 8 drops hydrogen in each ear.
  19. Remove skin mites– spray 3% hydrogen on the skin and do this a few times in a few minutes.
  20. Remove feet fungi– mix same parts water and 3% hydrogen on the feet.
  21. Marinade for poultry, meat and fish– put the meat in a casserole of same parts hydrogen and water. Rinse the meat before you cook it.
  22. Disinfect toothbrush– soak the brush in hydrogen and kill every bathroom bacteria.
  23. Remove stains of clothes– blood is the hard stain to be removed. The good part is that hydrogen bleaches this stain after a few minutes.
  24. Control fungi in aquariums– if you have aquarium, use hydrogen. But see instructions well to avoid harming the fish.
  25. Remove algae– for every 66 gallons water mix in 60 ml hydrogen. Add this with dropper for 5 min span.
  26. Emetic for pets– hydrogen can induce vomiting, so if the pet has eaten bad foods or else, give them hydrogen.
  27. Dishwasher detergent– mxi hydrogen and dish detergent to make it last longer.
  28. All purpose cleaner– fill a spray bottle with hydrogen and replace regular cleaners for a cheaper version.
  29. Clean contacts– soak contacts in diluted mix of hydrogen overnight and clean them from protein deposits.
  30. Laundry whitening– add 1 cup hydrogen in the wash and soak for 30 min before you remove the stains and see white clothes.
  31. Remove organic stains– mix 1 part dish detergent and 2 parts hydrogen, put this on stains from coffee, wine, blood. Also this bleaches, so use it on dark fabrics too.
  32. Remove bad odors– for this, soak the fabric in mix of white vinegar and hydrogen.
  33. Clean rugs and carpets– spray diluted mix on the rug and clean normally. This is best for light carpets since the dark ones can be bleached.
  34. Disinfect the lunchbox- for removal of such bacteria, spray diluted mix hydrogen and after a few minutes wipe it.
  35. Fresh shopping bags– spray these bags with hydrogen and after a few minutes they will be cleaner.
  36. Improve seeds germination– soak the seeds in hydrogen and plant them to remove fungi spores.
  37. Clean the humidifier– add a pint hydrogen and gallon water in the humidifier to remove mildew and mold. This will make the humidifier clean.
  38. Clean surfaces– tile surfaces can get more dirt with time and are hard to be removed. But, spray some hydrogen on the tiles to clean them.
  39. Clean toilet– put ½ cup hydrogen in the toilet bowl and let this work for 30 min before you scrub it. This helps in cleaning ANY stains.
  40. Make grout white– mix 35% hydrogen and white flour for a paste. put this on the grout and let it sit for the night. Rinse it in the morning.
  41. Remove soap scum in sink or tub– for this, spray 35% hydrogen for 30 min and then rinse it or wipe it.
  42. No mold– the best health agencies advise to use 3% hydrogen for removal of mold. Spray the mold with this and let it act for a few minutes before you wipe with sponge.
  43. Clean glass– spray the glass with hydrogen 3% and wipe with a newspaper.
  44. Clean counters in kitchen and bathroom– to clean these surfaces, spray diluted hydrogen and after a few minutes wipe it.
  45. Countertop stains– mix hydrogen and white flour to make paste. apply this on the stain and wrap plastic over it. In the morning wipe it.
  46. Collar stains– spray the collar with liquid detergent and 2 parts hydrogen. After a few minutes wash it.
  47. Remove wine stains– mix same parts liquid detergent and hydrogen. Put this on the stain and use clean cloth.
  48. Kill mites– spray mites with hydrogen and do this as long as you need too.
  49. Improve the plant’s roots– watering plants with mix of 1 part hydrogen and 32 parts water improves their roots.
  50. Clean mirrors– spray mirrors with hydrogen and wipe them with newspaper.
  51. Armpit sweat– mix 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part dish detergent to spray on the stains of sweating. Soak them and then wash them.
  52. Clean rags and sponges– soak the sponges and rags in hot water with 2 caps hydrogen for half an hour. This cleans the sponges and rags well.
  53. Clean cutting boards– spray the boards with hydrogen and let them act for a few minutes. Rinse with clean water.
  54. Wash fruits– fruit and veggie get covered in wax often, to remove this, spray some hydrogen and rinse them well.
  55. Clean refrigerator– to clean this, spray hydrogen and let this act for a few minutes. Then wipe with clean cloth.
  56. Remove stubborn foods– mix hydrogen and baking soda for a paste to scrub it. After a few minutes, use warm water and sponge.
  57. Clean kids toys– spray hydrogen on them and wipe them with a cloth. Also use mix of water and cup hydrogen.
  58. Brighten table cloth and curtains– wipe the stains with cloth soaked in hydrogen and add cup hydrogen in the wash.
  59. Make veggies fresh longer– add ¼ cup hydrogen in sink with cold water. Soak the veggies here and after 30 min rinse them. Then pat them dry with clean towel and refrigerate them.
  60. Fresh salad– to make the salad fresher, add 1 tbsp hydrogen in ½ cup water. Spray this on the salad.
  61. Add in the enema water– add 1 tbsp hydrogen in 4 cups water.
  62. Remove canker sores– swish cap hydrogen in the mouth for 10 min. this removes canker sores.
  63. No yeast– add 2 caps hydrogen in the douche 2 times per week.
  64. Animal wounds– these can be cured the same as human wounds. Dab hydrogen on the area.
  65. De-mold plants– to demold the plants, spray them with 3% hydrogen.

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