How to Improve Your Sex Life Consuming This Libido Boosting Foods!

If your libido is not on a high level don’t worry, you are surely not alone. Usually for most people, sexual desire goes upside down in a very short interval. Decrease in sexuality is often caused by some changes in lifestyle and also can be resulted as a side effect of certain medical treatment. Experts say that not having desire of making love, even with someone we adore, is not so strange and unusual. Fortunately we have some libido boosting foods that can help us when needed.

Improve Your Sex Life – Libido Boosting Foods

Here is the list:


It is considered like excellent food to rise up sexual stimulation. That is because it boosts the hormone androsterone which is released through male excreta. And we know about that weird powerful effect on women when get near the man who is sweating.


This food is not so common but has lots of potential. In some researches it’s called Natural Viagra. It is believed to promote sexual performance, increases testosterone and helps in erective dysfunctions. For women maca enhance fertility and sex drive. And one more thing, with maca you’ll feel younger.

Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are rich with zinc, which plays great role in testosterone production and helps to prolong sexual desire. Pumpkin seeds also contain omega 3, which is like a messenger of prostaglandins, which are hormone-like substances important for sexual health.


Bananas boost male libido due to the existence of the enzyme bromelain. They are also rich in B vitamins like potassium and riboflavin, which improves all energy levels of the body including sexuality.


Almonds are great source of beneficial fats known as essential fatty acids. They are helping in the healthy reproduction of male hormones especially those important for strong sexuality.


Besides its suggestive shape asparagus is very rich in vitamin E which has been called “the sex vitamin”.


Due to capsaicin which is found in curies, peppers and other spices, chilies can boost your sex life. It helps releasing of endorphins, and therefore feels good for your brain.


Basil improves circulation, stimulates the sex desire and enhances fertility.  And an interesting thing is that its scent is expected to drive us crazy and free. There is one fact that Mediterranean prostitutes used basil oil as a perfume to attract customers.


Cardamom is a spice with nice aroma. Many cultures use it like a powerful aphrodisiac and in some treatments of impotence. Cardamom is rich in cineole, which increases blood flow. It’s good in combination with chai tea.


Some sources say that figs act like an aphrodisiac maybe because of their shape that looks like certain sex organs. Besides that they are great source of amino acids which increase your libido.


Garlic may be unpleasant on breath but is definitely good for your sex drive. It contains a compound – allicin that can boost blood flow to all the essential organs. But because allicin is produced only when garlic is chopped you don’t have to eat tons of raw garlic. And as a bonus is the fact that allicin also has strong anti-fungal effects.

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