When You See How Easy You Can Increase Your Breast Size Naturally, You’ll Wish You Have Known These Tricks Earlier!

Breast size is individual. Small breasts are the result of genetics, but they can sometimes also be the result of lack of nutrients, lack of hormones, and some other compounds. Some women are brave enough to undergo a plastic surgery, but some are not, so they should take a look at these ways to increase their breast size in a natural way.

1. Herbs

A lot of sources claim that there are some herbs and supplements that can trigger the growth of the breasts. Buying these supplements can sometimes be dangerous for your health.

These are the herbs that actually are efficient in the process of stimulation of the growth of the breasts: red clover, fenugreek, palm, wild yam, fennel, milk thistle, Dong quai, dandelion, and watercress.

2. Camellia tea

This product is a genuine example of an herb that is being used in the right way. This tea contains fenugreek and fennel, as well as some other ingredients that are used to make the taste of this strong tea milder.

3. Amino acids

Amino acids are good for the health in general, not only when it comes to increasing the breast size. They are involved in the process of formation of proteins, compounds that are rich in various nutrients, and that also help the hormones that actually cause breast growth.

4. Breast massage

You are recommended to use some type of oil to this end. Make circular movements around each breast, 100 do 300 times. You have to be amazingly patient if you have decided to increase the size of your breasts using this method.

5. Avoid caffeine and sugar

Reduce the intake of coffee and sugar if you want to have bigger and healthy breasts. It is a well-known fact that the caffeine present in the coffee and the sugar are responsible for slowing down the process of breast growth. If you decide that you will go on drinking green tea, you can at least try to use the decaffeinated one.

6. Find the right bra size

One of the main reasons your breasts are not well-shaped is that you wear an inadequate bra size. Try to find a bra that fits your body and your breasts perfectly, and one that gives your breasts enough support.

7. Natural estrogen

One of the best supplements that contain additional amounts of estrogen is the natural estrogen with pomegranate extract. Unlike the rest of the herbs and methods, you do not have to use the estrogen every day. Anyways, it will surely help you increase your breast size.


8. A specific diet

The diet that is going to help you increase the size of your breasts should consist of apples, beetroot, barley, flaxseed, garlic, soy, dry plums, nuts, pistachios, and red wine, among other things.

9. Reduce the stress level

Try to exercise, as this habit makes both your body and your mind younger, and it also helps in the process of elimination of stress. Other methods you can use in order to reduce the stress level are to meditate and practice yoga. Also, do not forget to laugh as often as possible.

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