Leaf Dinnerware Set to Replace Plastic and Styrofoam

Disposable dinnerware made from leaves is set to replace harmful Styrofoam and plastic.

Disposable kitchenware is a massive strain on the environment, and these days people are discouraged from using it at all.

But sometimes it is necessary, and there is a new product that is upping the green-status of throw-away plates and cups.

At a University in Thailand, students have worked to produce a while range of disposable dinnerware that is made entirely from leaves, and is 100% biodegradable.

Leaves from Kwao (bastard teak), Sak (teak) and Sai (banyan) trees were used to attain the sturdiest plates and bowls that it was possible to create.

The students say they were inspired to embark on this project after seeing one of their sacred temples in the area littered with Styrofoam that is un-biodegradable.

The product is currently waiting for a patent to be sold around the world, however this method of making dinnerware has been used for centuries in Eastern cultures who do not have the same throw-away mentality we have in the West.

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