It Can Save Your Life In Only One Minute – Use This Mixture And Prevent Heart Attack

Many people aren’t aware that heart attacks can be prevented by a simple, but powerful food – cayenne pepper (best known species of chili peppers).If you have a person close to you, that has heart problems, you should always have this powerful drug at hand.

Always keep at least one hot cayenne pepper because you never know when you might need it.
US expert, dr. Christopher in his long career of 35 years had not lost even 1 patient due to heart attack. This is happening because he gives to his patients cup of hot cayenne pepper tea while they are still conscious.
Cayenne hot pepper helps in case of heart attack, it owns 90, 000 scovilles on the scale of hotness. Good replacement are the peppers such as tai chi, habanera, african bird and others.
In a glass of water you should put one teaspoon of hot pepper and to give it to the patient who suffered a stroke at he moment while is still conscious and is breathing. But, if the person is unconscious you need to put a few drops of the extract under the patient’s tongue. It will increase the heart rate and the blood will deploy to all the parts of the body, it will improve the circulation and will help the heart to recover.


  • few fresh hot cayenne peppers
  • 1 cayenne pepper in powder
  • 50% alcohol, you can use vodka if you want
  • glass bottle of 1 liter
  • gloves


Use gloves because the cayenne peppers are very hot. Fill ¼ of the glass bottle with cayenne pepper powder and pour alcohol inside enough to cover the dust. Grid some frsh cayenne peppers and add as much as alcohol the tincture needs to gain of the sauce. Add this mixture into the bottle which now should be ¾ full.
Then, fill the bottle with alcohol until the top and close it well. It should stand like this for a month. Stir it several times daily. After 1 month, strain the mixture through gauze and store the resulting tincture in dark glass bottle. If you want to get stronger tincture, strain the mixture after three months. The tincture cannot spoil and you can keep it as much as time you want.
If the patients is conscious and suffered hearth attack or stroke, you need to give him 5 to 10 drops and after 5 minutes another more 5 to 10  drops. The process can be repeated until the patient’s condition is improved.
If the patient is unconscious, apply 1 to 3 drops of the tincture under the tongue and start KPR(resuscitation). The process should be repeated every 5 minutes until the patient’s condition is improved.

What are the health benefits of the cayenne pepper?

  • Antifungal properties – cayenne pepper tincture has beneficial effect on the digestive system, stimulates the production of stomach juice and helps in the release of gases.
  • Anticancer properties – helps in cases of lung cancer and liver cancer.
  • Helps in treatment of influenza, allergy, obesity, arthritis, toothache and migraine.
  • It contains calcium, zinc, magnesium, selenium and vitamins A and C.
Prepare this simple cure and always have it in hand!

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