Your Lip Color Says A Lot About Your Health!

Eyes are often able to tell what kind of person you are and on the same note, lip color tends to tell, how healthy you are. Ever saw people with brown lips? It is generally because they smoke, right? The redness fades away gradually when you smoke, and different problems start occurring later on. Thus, lip color can indeed tell what might be happening inside your body. Want to figure it out? Keep reading.


Bright Red

Red is good but when it’s too strong, it suggests that your body your liver and spleen are not working well. You might crave for food a lot and it would also lead to bad breath. In order to curb the problem, start eating bitter food like chrysanthemum tea, bitter melon, and celery. Are you not sleeping on time? Enroll yourself in stress releasing activities and sleep on time in order for your body to heal.

Purple or green tint

when it’s winter, it is common that people get this shade because of excessive cold but in case, the shade stays longer and not just only in winter, you must visit a doctor for a checkup as it suggests that you could be having a heart problem or respiratory diseases.

Rosy Pink

Well, your health is perfect and your lips look good, matey!

Dark red to black

Smoking alert! And if you are a non smoker it still means your digestive system is overworked and does not function properly. To improve your digestive system, have food items which are rich in fiber and keep drinking lots of warm water. You are having either too much processed food or junk food. Stay away from it.

Dark red or purple line

Your body might not be in right balance and it might be sometimes cold, sometime hot. If you avoid spicy and processed food and have neutral food like rice, carrot, almonds, fish etc you will be able to curb the problem.


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