What Your Lips Say About Your Personality

If your upper lip is more protruding…

Standing in front of a mirror, looking at your profile will be the easiest way to find out which of your lips is more protruding. Of course, you can ask a family member of a friend for help. But this works only for natural lips, if you have silicon in your upper lip, which will make it bigger, it will not be realistic. So, if it is more or less obvious that your upper lip sticks out, then it shows that you are straightforward and honest. You hate being lied to, that is why you do not do this to people you care about, but you also do not expect that somebody may tell you a lie. That is why you are also a bit naive, you believe in everything you are told.


A lot of people may think that you are stupid because of this, but they will be blind to what your brain iscapable of. A lot of people like you because of your good heart. You are always there for your friends and the people in need. You enjoy life, and you may live like every day may be your last. There is nothing you regret about, even the mistakes you made, because you know that these are lessons life teaches you, and you have to go through it to become a better person. A lot of people envy your smile that is always on your face. But you also attract many positive people, and that is why you have a lot of friends.

If your lower lip is more protruding…

If your lower lip is obviously bigger than your upper one when looking at your profile, then you are part of the observant group. You are very quite sometimes and you prefer to study the reactions and thought of the people around you. You are a perfect mind-reader. You are able to guess that a person is about to do, only by looking at their reactions. The only thing that you have to do is study them for some time. You mind is extremely sharp, that is why you will be very good at working with people, especially a job that involves talking and persuasion, like a business manager.

You are also a great writer. You are able to speak clearly and eloquently. People just stand still when you are talking. That is why you can turn to writing. Your words will reach a lot of people around the world, especially if there are some meaningful things to tell them. You are also very good at remembering situations, for this is responsible your observant memory.

You could sometimes be a little lonely. You prefer to surround yourselves with facts, books, experiences, rather than with people. Try to be a bit more positive sometimes and to let go, because not everything in this world is a conspiracy. Life is made to be fun sometimes, even for thinkers. You need to learn how to turn off your thinking button and you will enjoy the little things in life.

Source:  healthylifestory.net

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