– Due to frequent changes in temperature, high humidity and muggy weather even healthy people complain of dizziness, swelling and low blood pressure
– Due to frequent changes in temperature, high humidity and muggy weather even healthy people complain of dizziness, swelling and low blood pressure. Although these conditions have negative effect on healthy people, they are particularly dangerous for heart patients, although the meteopathics suffer too.
The body needs a period of adaptation to climate changes. Thus you should pay more attention to the room in which you spend longer period of time; you should feel comfortable, not too hot or too cold.
If outside the temperatures are too high, you need to consume enough fluids and the nutrition should be adapted to weather condition, and in this way your organism will adjust easier.

Poor circulation, PMS, obesity, poor nutrition and pregnancy are some of the reasons for swollen, heavy and tired legs. If to all this, the temperature changes, humidity and muggy weather are added, swelling which appears due to gravity, i.e. having swollen feet – is guaranteed.
Basic and fastest help is to raise your legs while you lay still, up to 30 centimeters above the height of the heart. In addition, consumption of parsley tea is recommended that helps in disposal of excess fluids from the body.
Take a parsley leaf and root, finely chop them and stir. Five tablespoons of the mixture should be boiled for five minutes in half liter of water. Remove from fire and leave it covered another 20 minutes, then strain and drink one cup, three times a day.

Do not panic, dizziness often occurs during the spring and summer as a result of changeable atmospheric conditions. The body needs time to adapt to such rapid changes.
Therefore, healthy people may experience short-term problems such as fatigue, dizziness and blurring eyes.
As soon as you experience any of these symptoms, immediately sit down and avoid sudden movements. Tomato juice that contains a lot of potassium can help, which is great in regulating blood pressure.

Drop in blood pressure
This usually happens in people who usually suffer from low blood pressure. They especially cannot tolerate the summer heat, when the temperature and humidity are increased.
During the summer the body sweats and the blood vessels dilate, which in these individuals additionally lowers the blood pressure and can lead to dizziness and even fainting.
To overcome the weakness, you should eat salty snacks and baked goods, as well as drinking too much mineral water. Also, avoid spending too much time in closed rooms because the lack of oxygen can lead to drop in blood pressure.
Drink ginger tea which will relieve anxiety and prevent cold sweat. Put a cold compress on the forehead, and what is most importantly, you must immediately lie down when you feel dizzy. Avoid coffee, alcohol and cigarettes, fried and fatty foods. Eat foods that are easily digestible.

Sinus problems
Most cases of inflamed sinuses begin with ordinary cold caused by viruses, and this phenomenon is particularly frequent in summer. These colds and inflamed sinuses usually go away spontaneously after two weeks.
However, in some cases such inflammations lead to increased secretion and thickening of the nose lining and sinus mucus which can cause  blockage of the sinus opening.
In such cases it is best to consult your doctor.

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