Man lives in a 160 sq. ft. shipping container. Step inside and prepare to be amazed

Have you ever visited a ship dock before? If you have, there’s one thing you’ll probably always find — shipping containers. Now, these shipping containers may just look like big boxes of metal, but you’re soon about to find out that they can be so much more than that…


Cubica, a company based out of Costa Rica, created the Casa Cubica, which is a 20 feet wide house built from a shipping container.


You can see that although the space is small, the place itself is both beautiful and functional. Just check out the ambience these hardwood floors give off!


Because of the houses’s functional design, the Casa Cubica is able to sleep up to four people. If you need more floor space during the day? The murphy bed in the main room can be folded up and stored away — how convenient!


Look how these extra beds are nicely tucked away in the corner…


Who would’ve thought you could have such a functional kitchen in such a small space?

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