Things You Should Not DO During Your Menstrual Cycle

9 scientifically proven things you should never do during your menstrual cycle (beyond the things that are just common sense)
  • From what our mothers have taught us, to what our grandmothers say, and all the way down to what scientists have discovered, we have gathered enough information to last a lifetime. Among these tips are also warning signs to protect us from harm. One major tip women must learn is the specific things you should never do while you are on your menstrual period.

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    The menstrual cycle has changed throughout the history of mankind, just like how humans have been changing. According to statistics, the average woman in America today has about 450 menstrual cycles throughout her lifetime, while women in the same region just a few generations ago only had 150.

    The results from various scientific researches have revealed 9 Things you should never do on your most sensitive day of the month:

  • 1. Avoid shaving

    According to estrogen levels drop dramatically during your period. Having such a low estrogen count makes all of your physical pain hurt much more due to your body becoming so sensitive.

    Waxing can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. And if you are the type of person who is afraid of the dentist, you may want to avoid scheduling an appointment on that day too.

  • 2. Avoid sad or romantic movies

    Surely it is no surprise to learn that your emotions are so different while on your period. At times you may not even recognize your emotional self. The hormone levels are so out of balance that as your body tries to adapt, your mind does not know how to react.

    Romantic movies are a recipe for disaster. Avoid watching these types of films, as they can heighten your sensitivity. Instead use this time to catch up on the newest humor films.

  • 3. Avoid using less protection at night time (assuming you’ll have a lighter flow)

    It’s easy to assume, wrongly, that your night flow is low. When lying down, the lack of gravity creates this delusion, but if you’re not careful you can end up in an accident (and it will not be pleasant).Take extra precaution when you head to bed for the night, just in case.

  • 4. DO be physically active

    When I was little, we were allowed to miss gym class if we were on our cycle. According to Women’s Health, you should increase your physical activity during these days. The physical activity helps with cramps, anxiety and your roller coaster emotions.

  • 5. Avoid consuming dairy products

    Although calcium is good during your menstrual period, dairy is not. Products such as milk, yogurt and cheese contain an acid called arachidonic acid; this acid can cause more cramping in the lower abdomen.

  • 6. Avoid long periods of time using the same protection

    Even if the box of pads or tampons says you can use each product for 8 hours straight, it is important to change it every 3 to 4 hours. This limits discomfort and prevents bacteria from developing, forming that nasty odor we all know too well.

  • 7. Make sure you remove the protection

    This may have never happened to you, but it is not uncommon for women to leave the same product on their under garments for several days. This causes an infection that can kill.

    The infection is known as Toxic Shock Syndrome and is generated by the existence of staph bacteria. Symptoms can range from a fever to your organs shutting down completely.

    Create a routine like you do brushing your teeth to ensure this does not happen to you.

  • 8. Avoid foods high in salt

    Experts advise to avoid food that is high in sodium at all costs. An increased amount of sodium intake will lead to fluid retention, bloating and more cramps.

  • 9. Avoid thinking that calories do not count during your period

  • It is true that we do put on a few extra pounds when we are on our period due to fluid retention. It is also true that once the cycle is complete, we return to our normal weight. What is not true is the myth that calories do not count for those rough days. Unfortunately, nothing can cancel the extra calories we consume. We must burn it off or else it will stay there.Source:
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