Leaked SECRET FOOTAGE: Here’s What Monstrous Things They do For The Sake of The Meat Industry (VIDEO)

The Association for the Protection of Animals, Animal Equality secretly filmed parts of this material. This video became viral and it was viewed about 30 million times so far. This video shows the work of an American or UK factory.

In this factory the workers treat these small animals like they are objects and not living creatures. The ones who survive are given growth hormones.

The chicks that survive the later stages of the factory process, receive vaccines and growth hormones. These vaccines and hormones make them reach the size of the sales market or farm eggs in only 40 days. This horrible process takes place on factory farms. Also on these farms the grown roosters are not separated from the little chicks, therefore the roosters often kill these chicks. In addition, the chickens who cannot lay eggs are also killed, because they are not cost-effective.

Many times the workers kill these chickens by breaking their necks. They also throw them in a grinder or kill them with gas. According to the British department for poultry, these chickens are euthanized.


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