Why You Must Stop Drinking Coffee On An Empty Stomach

We all love our morning coffee. We even drink it before eating breakfast on an empty stomach.


However, here are the reasons why drinking coffee on an empty stomach is dangerous.

• Stomach acids

The stomach acids help in digestion of food. However, they don’t have anything to digest in the morning.

Meanwhile, you add more acids to your stomach with your coffee and with this you are creating an extremely acidic environment, which is perfect for the creation of cancer cells.

• Anxiety

Your brain cannot produce the calming hormone serotonin when you drink coffee on an empty stomach.

This leads to depression and anxiety and boosting of the adrenaline and cortisol levels.

Therefore, you will feel weak and nervous after your coffee, instead of being relaxed before the day starts.

• Dehydration

According to medical experts, a cup of coffee in the morning can lead to dehydration and need for more fluids.

In this case, most people reach for another cup of coffee, which increases the dehydration even further.

• No appetite

Your stomach will feel full with the coffee and there will be no need for food. This can lead to unwanted weight loss.

Even though coffee is an excellent way to substitute food at some points of the day, this should not be done in the morning on an empty stomach.

Source: http://www.justnaturalremedies.com/

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