This Natural Drink Will Cleanse Your Lungs Very Fast! Every Smoker And Ex-Smoker Should Try It!

One of the most addictive habits of people nowadays is definitely smoking. It affects the person’s complete health, but also damages every organ inside the body. Any function within the body becomes disturbed. Still, even though many people are aware of its bad effects, they continue smoking.  Giving up this habit can be extremely difficult.

More than 16 million people have a medical condition caused by smoking only in the USA. The younger population is especially addicted. It’s very dangerous because the side-effects from smoking can even be life-threatening.

As we have already mentioned, you should try and give it up, although it is very difficult. That’s why, in today’s article, we’re going to present you a natural remedy for lung cleansing that’s beneficial for everyone who was or is still a smoker.

It’s composed of ingredients that you may already have at home like onions, ginger and turmeric! All of them are abundant in health benefits that are extremely good for our health. Onions are full of anti-cancer properties and have the ability to inhibit the spreading of carcinogenic cells.

Ginger possesses stomach-soothing properties. It can eliminate the excess of water retention that is a common appearance in smokers. Turmeric is a very healthy spice that is mostly used in the Indian cuisine and is widely known for its amazing medicinal properties and nutritional profile.

It contains plenty of minerals, vitamins and nutrients, as well as numerous antiviral, antibacterial and anticancer benefits.


One liter of water

14 Oz. (400 grams) of onion

Two tablespoons of powdered turmeric (or a turmeric root in the size of a thumb)

14 Oz. (400 grams) of sugar (or honey or maple syrup as a healthier option)

A ginger root (in the size of a thumb)


Mix the water and the sugar and place the mixture on heat. Wait until it starts boiling. Chop the ginger and the onions and add them to the water and sugar mixture.

When the mixture is well boiled, add the turmeric to it and lower the temperature the mixture boils at to medium. Let the mixture cook until only one half of the total amount is left in the container. Then, strain the remaining mixture and put it in a glass container. Store the container in the fridge, but only after it has cooled to a room temperature.

You should consume this elixir on a daily basis, two tablespoons of it both in the morning and in the evening, at least two hours after the meal.


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