The Noodles that Cause Chronic Inflammation, Weight Gain, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease!

The modern world thrives on speed, instantaneity, and immediate results. … Chronic rush and worry can manifest in various ways for different people mainly starting off with unhealthy nutrition.

Instant noodles have long been a popular meal option, loved for their convenience and low cost. But a new study suggests they may increase the risk for heart disease and stroke. And the study has sparked renewed interest in an eye-opening video that shows how our stomachs handle processed foods.

Yet, if you believe that they are also one of the healthiest meals you can have, you should definitely watch the following video.

At the Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Braden Kuo conducted a unique experiment to check how our bodies react to instant noodles, in particular, ramen noodles.

Dr. B. Kuo at the Massachusetts General Hospital conducted an experiment with a pill-sized camera. He wanted to investigate the effects of instant noodles inside the stomach and the digestive tracts. However, what he found was devastating!

Please, watch the video carefully and pass it on by sharing with your family and friends, who often tend to consume instant noodles.

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