You Think That 120/80 Is A Normal Blood Pressure: You Are Completely Wrong!

High blood pressure, or hypertension, affects around 70 million adults only in the United States, that is, every 1 of every three Americans. Even quite common, this condition can be controlled.

Understanding blood pressure is crucial. By learning the basic concepts, you can become an expert in reading and understanding your blood pressure numbers.

According to ESC Association new guidelines, the normal blood pressure is 140/90. However this does not apply for diabetics and the elderly.

120/80 is what everybody knows to be the normal blood pressure, but recently, according to the new guidelines from the ESC Association claim that this has changed.

 This is something that will definitely change things for everyone. Numerous people visit their doctor when their blood pressure increases to 139/89, but now there’s no need to take your medicines in this case. This is now the new normal blood pressure and you shouldn’t be afraid, because it doesn’t increases the risk of heart attack or stroke.

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