You Are Not Fat! Your Stomach Is Bloated And Here Is How To Get Rid Of It!

Many people experience bloating several times a month, especially after a heavy meal. However, there are people who feel bloated all the time. Doctors say that the bloating is actually gas trapped in the stomach. Bloating and gas are usually related to what and how you eat, so there are a few simple changes that may help.

Here are the 5 most important things that lead to bloating and how to solve it:

1. Constipation

You need to consume more fiber because constipation occurs due to gas is trapped behind the poop. Anyway, you can make this problem worse if you suddenly start consuming more fiber. Eat berries, smoothies, and start consuming whole grain bread instead white bread.

2. Carbs

End bloating with a low-carb diet. If carbs are not properly digested, bloating occurs. Also, you can prevent this problem if you avoid starches, sugar and alcohol. You need to replace all unhealthy sweets with blended vegetables, berries and fruits.

3. Stress

Studies have showed that stress can make you feel bloated. When feeling stressed, the brain prevents proper digestive tract function. Also, stomachache and constipation can make you feel bloated.

If you are experiencing any digestive problems or feel bloated, try to eat healthier and relieve stress.

4. Not drinking plenty of water

Not drinking enough water can cause many diseases and health problems. Dehydration is mainly caused from coffee, alcohol, and sugar. If you consume these beverages most of the time, there is a high possibility you are dehydrated. It is recommended to consume 6-8 glasses of water daily.

When you don’t drink enough water, the body uses the fluids it contains. Additionally, fluid retention is one of the factors that cause bloated stomach. Drink enough water if you want to eliminate this problem.

5. Eating too fast

Drink and eat more slowly if you feel bloated. It is highly important to chew your food slowly because you may have problems with digestion if you don’t chew long enough. So, remember to chew slowly and take small bites.



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