Drink OKRA WATER And Treat Diabetes, Asthma, Cholesterol And Kidney Disease!

Lady finger or okra gained its popularity recently. This plant is cultivated in temperature and tropical regions for the fibrous foods.


This amazing plant contains:

-60 ml of magnesium
-80 micrograms of folate
-1 g of fat
-2 g of protein
-6 g of carbs
-3 g of dietary fiber
-21 g of vitamin C
-30 calories

Whether you will consume okra fried, stewed, boiled or in pickled form you can get the beneficial effects of this veggie any time of the year.

Okra is really effective in patients with diabetes, prevents kidney diseases, boosts immunity, lowers cholesterol and alleviates asthma.

Here is an amazing recipe that will help you control your blood sugar level naturally:

Cut the tails and head of 4 fresh okras. Place 3 cuts and dip them in a pot of water and let it overnight. Consume the water when you will get up the next morning, 30 min before breakfast. This drink will significantly control your blood sugar levels.

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