This Is Why You Should Eat Papayas Every Day

Carica Papaya – it the botanical name for the sweet and delicious tropical fruit papaya. Papaya originates from Central America and Southern Mexico, but you can also find it in many other tropical regions and it’s famous by its sweet flavor. But, did you know that many people in different parts of the world use papaya as a meat tenderizer? We can easily say that papaya, both ripe and unripe, is one of the most nutritious and healthiest fruits in the world.


Papaya Contains High Amounts of Vitamin C

Even though papaya isn’t in the citrus fruit group, it’s loaded with Vitamin C. It contains about 144% of the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for this vitamin. So, we can easily say that this fruit is the best “tool” to fight infections and get rid of free radicals as well. This is because Vitamin C is an extremely efficient and strong antioxidant.

It’s loaded with Vitamin A

Papaya also contains high amounts of Vitamin A. This is extremely beneficial for us, because it helps us to improve our skin health and our mucous membranes. And, Vitamin A is also extremely useful in maintaining vision health and it’s especially efficient in fighting macular degeneration.

Other Nutrients

Papaya contains other healthy nutrients as well. It’s rich in folate, almost 13% of the RDA. Papaya contains high amounts of fiber and potassium as well, which is extremely useful in lowering high blood pressure. And potassium is extremely beneficial in maintaining good heart rate and even lowers the risk of stroke.

This delicious and sweet tropical fruit is also rich in Vitamin B complex, including folate, riboflavin, thiamin and pyridoxine. Well, these essential vitamins are extremely important for the human body, because our bodies can’t naturally produce them. So, adding this delicious fruit to your healthy diet can give you a great source of these essential vitamins, which are extremely important for our health in general.

Use Papaya as a Natural Remedy

As we mentioned before, papaya is loaded with many healthy nutrients, which can help you fight many different health conditions, such as: heart problems, rheumatoid arthritis, and atherosclerosis. This fruit is also very helpful in boosting and improving your immune system, which will help you in maintaining your health and fighting against many different infections and diseases. Well, we can also say that papaya has Flavonoids, such as beta-carotene. Many different studies have confirmed that beta-carotene can help the body to fight and prevent cancer growth, especially mouth and lung cancers. Besides beta-carotene, papaya contains other Flavonoids as well: zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin, and leutin. These all have powerful antioxidant compounds and are very useful in removing free radicals. They are all extremely useful in preventing premature aging and degenerative diseases.

Well, thanks for reading. We really hope you enjoyed this post and we hope that you will start eating papayas, because as you can see they are extremely healthy fruits and they are loaded with many healthy nutrients and vitamins.



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