This Popular Tea Bags Can Be Deadly! They Contain Pesticides. Avoid These Brands…

These days we are surrounded by many chemicals and pesticides from the food and drinks we buy. So, to avoid such bad effects on the health, eat just organic and pure foods or wash them thoroughly before eating. Even with this, pesticides still manage to sneak in our plates.

So, a study claimed recently that these chemicals are in many tea bags too like Tetley, Twinings, and even Lipton.

An investigation by the CBC news was made and the brands are:

  • Tetley
  • Lipton (Green tea and the Yellow label black tea)
  • Twinings
  • King Cole
  • No Name
  • Red Rose
  • Signal
  • Uncle Lee’s Legends of China (green tea and also jasmine green tea)

The experts used amazing labs and standards for the testing of the pesticides in the dry leaves for the teas, same method were used as by the national Food Inspection Agency.

They said that more than ½ of the tested samples had pesticides in high amounts. Also, 8 of 10 had many chemicals too and one brand had more than 22 pesticide types. Also, some pesticides in the teas, like monocrotophos and endosulfan too are banned in many countries and are harmful even for workers to handle them.


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