If You Press These 2 Points on Your Body You Will Get Rid of the Back Pain Forever

There are thousands of people experiencing back pain, which sometimes can be intolerable. Although medicine provides a lot of treatments for this common issue, there is no cure for joint or back pain.

However, the ancient Chinese medicine had been treating these problematic issues very effectively with the help of acupuncture.

It’s all about the energy meridians that run through the body. Diseases occur as a result of the damaged energy flow throughout the meridians. Therefore, the damaged organs can be treated by only restoring the proper energy flow through them. All of this can be achieved by pressuring certain points on your body.

That can be done with acupressure by pressing or massaging the body parts or with acupuncture if needles are used.  The acupressure can be done by anyone and no training is needed, whereas the acupuncture requires a lot of special needles and knowledge.

With regular massaging, you will get rid of the symptoms of the pain in the hips, legs, and the joints, whereas with the regular stimulation you will alleviate the pain completely. There are only 2 points that you need to be familiar of in order to solve all of your problems concerning joint and back pain:

-First point stimulation, which is GB29, is located at the junction of the femur and the pelvis. It will eliminate the pain in the joints and in the hips.

– Second point stimulation, i.e. GB 30, is found behind and a bit lower from the buttocks, or in other words, on the back end of the pelvic bone. This will treat the pain in your lower back, joints, shoulders, and hips.

Additional point:

-The third point stimulation, or B54, can be found behind the knee. Its stimulation will relieve the pain in the hips and lower back and relax all your muscles.

With regular stimulation of all these 3 points, you will get rid of the joint and back pain forever.

Source: healthyproof.com

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