Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer, Diabetes, And High Blood Pressure By Drinking Water In This Way

The Japanese have a strange habit of drinking plenty of water right after getting up from bed in the morning. But, even though it sounds strange, science has backed this trend with facts that say that drinking water in the morning can help you prevent serious diseases including cancer!

According to the Japanese, water therapy is the key for relieving numerous diseases. The treatment can help you get rid of headaches, respiratory problems such as asthma or bronchitis, tuberculosis, meningitis, kidney stones, vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, constipation, menstrual disorders and even cancer.

Here’s what the treatment looks like:

Immediately after getting up, drink 4 160 ml. glasses of water before you even brush your teeth. Avoid consuming anything for the next 45 minutes, then have your breakfast and again avoid having anything for 2 hours afterwards.

If you can’t drink that amount of water, start in smaller doses and gradually work your way up. The water treatment is not just for the sick – healthy people can use it to prevent diseases and lead a healthier life.

Here’s how much time the water therapy needs to resolve certain health problems.

High blood pressure – 30 days;

Gastritis – 10 days;

Diabetes – 30 days;

Constipation – 10 days;

Cancer – 180 days;

Tuberculosis – 90 days;

Arthritis – Patients should do the water treatment for 3 days in the first week, and repeat it every day on the second week;

The treatment has no side-effects, although you can expect going to the bathroom more frequently.

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