How To Reset Your Thyroid To Burn Fat And Activate Your Metabolism

An elderly man who had serious medical problems, asked Erika Schwartz, MD for an advice on the medicines and treatments he used. Erica called his doctor- cardiologist and asked him whether they should change his therapy.
The elderly man had problems with obesity, sleeping disorder and low testosterone and thyroid levels. He also suffered from unbearable itching due to advanced stage of eczema.

She was calling his cardiologist for three weeks and finally he answered the phone. But after she asked him whether they should change the patent’s therapy which made the problem with eczema worst, he said:
 “The guy said to me, ‘I can’t talk to you. You don’t know science.” After stating that they have the same medical degree, she adds “he hung up on me!”

After the conversation she had with his cardiologist she explained everything to the patient. He decided to change his cardiologist and to follow the advice of Erika Schwartz. She planned to increase the level of the thyroid hormones and to exclude the remedies for cholesterol.
Firstly the patient was afraid that this will cause heart attack but Dr. Schwartz explained him that with maintaining the proper level of hormones naturally, the cholesterol level will stay stable as well.

Their main function is to regulate the metabolism and to provide the body with energy. They are very important hormones as they help other organs to function properly.
The most common thyroid disease is hypothyroidism. When a person suffers from hypothyroidism his/her thyroid gland is inactive, which means that the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough hormones needed for proper body functions.

This medical condition can be caused by various internal and external factors as Hashimoto’s disease, which is actually an autoimmune disease which causes the immune system to attack the thyroid gland.
Hypothyroidism can be liked with various symptoms as brittle nails, dry skin, hair loss, feeling cold, depression, mood swing, excessive weight gain, fatigue, poor reflexes, brain fog etc.
Unfortunately these symptoms can be a sign of other aliments as well, so the doctors often prescribe inadequate medicines and not even consider Hypothyroidism as a potential cause of these symptoms.
Mary Shomon, a thyroid expert and author of many books, claims: “People are going in with high cholesterol or depression and are getting handed cholesterol meds and antidepressants. And no one’s ever checking to see if the thyroid is at the root of the problem.”
She also adds that the conventional thyroid function tests are widely criticized. One of these tests is thyroid stimulating hormone test or TSH test which shows the level of pituitary hormone, TS, in the blood.

The natural treatment of Dr. Schwartz also included diet changes, hormones, supplements and exercise. She healed the whole body and doesn’t treat the symptoms only and that is why her treatment was effective.
She says: “What I also found out was that giving those people thyroid to begin with—giving them T3, let’s say, to begin with, which is the active thyroid hormone—was actually the quickest way to get people to feel better. And once they felt better, then you could tweak their diet, exercise, lifestyle.”

  Our metabolism relies, in large part, on our thyroid’s ability to function properly.

To conclude, both external and internal factors can cause thyroid disorders like diet, environment, immunity etc.

Most dangerous toxins are mold and mycotoxins:
“There’s a huge amount of scientific evidence that the poisons that the mold produce are terrible for the thyroid gland. And the other problem is that we’re consuming foods which are also high in mycotoxins.

There is another disease which is known as hyperthyroidism. This disease causes excess secretion of thyroid hormones. This condition is linked with sudden weight loss due to accelerated metabolism as well as irregular and rapid heartbeat.

The good news is that this hormonal imbalance can be improved by making some crucial life changes like: regular exercising, diet rich in raw food, reduced stress levels, healthy relationships etc.
Dr. Emerson suggests that you should ask yourself: “Am I eating the right food? Am I drinking the right water? Am I getting enough sun? Am I getting enough sleep? Am I getting enough exercise? Am I getting medicines in my food?”

So, if you try to follow the advices mentioned above, you will succeed in defeating the disease with the right treatment.


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