She Has 102 Years, Smokes At Least 20 Cigarettes Per Day And Drinks Wine Everyday, And Here Is The Secret To Her Longevity And Good Health

Way of life of Maisie Streng typifies precisely what no specialist exhorts. She doesn’t not respect any of the medical council, does not drink any medications, and she has experienced  her 102-th birthday.

This grandmother from Glasgow has just celebrated a milestone in her life, or her 102-th birthday.

She smokes 20 cigarettes a day for 75 years, and it seems that she does not interfere with cigarettes, but that’s not her only bad habit.

She also drank a glass of wine every night before going to sleep, but only one. She has another vice. “She fanatically eats bananas” – said her son Sandy, who has 65 years

She most smoked during the period when she worked as a secretary of “Daily Express” editor. “She has always smoked while working with her typewriter”

She started to eat bananas during this period when she was working. Because of deadlines did not have time for lunch and a her quick meals were bananas, a habit that she has until today.

After she started smoking as a teenager, she stopped only once at 5 weeks, and while she was in the hospital because he broke his thigh bone in their 90s.

And when she finally left the hospital, she immediately returned to cigarettes and Chardonnay.

“Somehow it’s absurd to think of the many people who smoke for a while and therefore have health problems. My mother is a paradox.” – Says Sandy

Ironically, her husband died when he was 65 years old, he was always in good shape, and he was a physical education teacher. Cigarettes with him were out.

Despite smoking, Macy has no health problems. “She does not take medicine” – says Sandy.


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